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Green Key

We are proud to be part of the green story.

In 2023, we were awarded the Green Key label, the leading standard of excellence in environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Green Key is an international eco-label that promotes environmental awareness and care for accommodation and other hospitality facilities that are committed to sustainable business practices. It aims to contribute to the prevention of climate change by rewarding and championing facilities with positive environmental initiatives. It has strict criteria that have a significant impact on the effective management of the establishment and contribute to the transformation of behavioural patterns. It contains 80 mandatory criteria, which we meet, and we aim to meet a larger number of optional guidelines that will bring our restaurant even closer to you. Together, let's build a green story.

At Restaurant Štefanič we urge you to be energy and water efficient, to behave in an environmentally friendly way and to be responsible stewards of the environment.

We declare that:
  • We are environmentally friendly in all areas of our business,
  • we make our visitors, guests, friends and family aware of the importance of sustainability; and
  • we are constantly looking for new solutions for the responsible management of natural resources and for the efficient use of electricity and heat.
Being environmentally responsible is important for all of us. Most environmentally friendly measures are simple and can be implemented without much effort. If we all do them together, we can do a lot to preserve the environment and help future generations.

That's why we at Restaurant Štefanič are committed to being environmentally responsible and encourage our visitors to be equally responsible.

We invite you to follow our recommendations and suggestions on how you can save energy and water, reduce waste and support local suppliers. We will be happy to take your comments and suggestions into consideration and forward them to the relevant institutions.

Be part of this beautiful story of cooperation with nature!

More information about the Green Key programme is available at